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General Construction and Construction Management

Whether the size of client’s renovation or construction project is large or small, every project is staffed appropriately with a dedicated team that works in conjunction with the owner and the design team to deliver superior results. We provide our clients with a full range of services, including plan review, cost evaluation and estimates, project schedule development, value engineering, safety planning and quality control. Horgan’s depth of construction knowledge, methods and processes are well-defined and all work in conjunction to control costs and schedules. The advantage to our customer is a proven and productive method of delivery systems for completing projects based on individually assessed project requirements.


The design-build method of project delivery is becoming more and more popular as our clients discover that having one firm responsible for both design and construction leads to an exceedingly coordinated effort in construction planning and execution. From the very on-set of the project, we are able to add value in constructability, costs, schedule and logistics by working in tandem with the design team and the owner. The benefit to our clients is many, but most importantly having one point of contact leads to clear communication processes, exceptional cost controls and accelerated project delivery times.

Project Management

Horgan offers Project Management services which include representation through every stage of a project as a fee-based service. Our Project Management services include: owner’s agent, cost estimating, budget review, construction draw review, value engineering and client representation. We offer the unique skill of being able to look at a project through the eyes of a construction firm and as such, can serve as an extension of your staff when needed.