During normal circumstances, creating a workspace that is both functional and flexible is a good investment. In the uncertain era of COVID-19, which continues to unfold, being able to quickly and efficiently alter the parameters of the space your company depends upon is crucial.

One solution to this dilemma is embracing mobility and luckily, there is a wide range of movable office furniture and wall systems that can be adapted to any space and industry. In tandem, they will provide economical options to meet both normal operational challenges and give you the ability to create socially distanced work environments to keep your workforce safe.

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The prevailing static cubicle-and-panel system that marks many offices was designed for a different corporate world than the one emerging today. Trends like work-from-home, flex work, and the incorporation of freelancers into normal operations were beginning to unfold before COVID — but its impact has sped up the process drastically. The more structured workplace of yesterday, with permanent employees reporting for the Monday-to-Friday 9-to-5, is morphing into more malleable arrangements that can drastically change the number of people an office needs to accommodate at any time.

Movable furniture and mobile sound-dampening walls — including motorized partitions that make for extreme adaptability — is a cost-efficient way to deal with fluid staffing realities via diverse, temporary floor plans.

And unlike traditional office refits, these changes do not require a moving crew and days of disruption. Instead, furniture can be easily rearranged by almost anyone on staff. Motorized walls are easy to operate and don’t require any detailed technical training.

With this kind of system, people who need to be in the office regularly can be stationed far enough away to meet COVID protocols (and have their own “space” in which to work) and, when various flex workers and freelancers need to meet in person, space can be quickly adapted to meet any need. meet

Now, creating private realms where people can concentrate without distractions and collaborative areas where teams can work together is always available with movable furniture/wall systems.

In addition, such systems are easily scalable and transportable. Unused items can be stored in a corner surrounded by a portable wall, and reparations for a temporary influx of staff can be ramped up in a matter of days — if not hours — instead of weeks. Idle manufacturing or shipping areas can be reconfigured quickly.

Since movable furniture and walls are designed to be easily repositioned, they are constructed to be durable and withstand relocation in ways that standard office furniture and partitions are not. They’re meant to be redeployed from Point A to Point B (and then Point C to Point D ad infinitum). And unlike permanent office walls constructed of drywall, moveable walls don’t require altering already existing floors, ceiling, or outer walls.

All in all, these kinds of modular systems can present significant cost-saving opportunities. Along with flexibility, movable walls can come with pre-wired outlets and other features that make them very cost-efficient when compared to hiring contractors to build, wire, and paint permanent walls — which may, in a few years’ time, become obsolete anyway.

If this sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for when planning your business’s logistics, Horgan General Contractor Inc. has a wide variety of options to t share with you.