Adaptive reuse is converting obsolete buildings into new uses while maintaining elements of the original design and structure. This technique preserves the character of time and place while accommodating changes in demand, technology, tastes, and uses. We see it done often with results that feel modern, functional, and unique. These adaptations take impeccable time management and execution from warehouse space to executive offices, a church to a pizza place, or even a bank into a restaurant. Still, the results are often exceptional and not replicable.

Above: Hager and Schultz Building in Lansdale, PA  Below: Adapted to Botany Shops and Multipurpose Building Lansdale, PA

Why Adaptive Reuse?

There are loads of benefits to repurposing existing buildings and structures. Reuse or retrofitting can save history, money, and the environment. Horgan’s expertise in integrated project delivery makes this process seamless and practical.

Save History

Older buildings can remind the city or town’s culture and community. They bring intrinsic value to the materials used to construct these structures, mainly pre WWII. Solid woods and thick walls make for warm and inviting spaces and stand up sturdy and robust compared to today’s materials.

Save Money

Retrofitting and reusing can be great for the budget. Demolition can be costly and disruptive to your business. Adaptive reuse often allows certain companies to operate while renovations are happening. 

Project B Engineering, LLC: Adapted a warehouse into corporate office space

Save the Environment and Economy

Adaptive reuse can meet the needs of a growing community while conserving land, reducing the urban sprawl and daily commuting patterns. Moreover, using an older building reduces the energy consumption associated with demolition. Reducing hurdles such as zoning problems, design costs, construction costs, and legal issues creates allows projects to move forward more quickly and often. With costs on average 16% less than new builds, adapted buildings can be attractive to startups and fledgling businesses. 

Multifamily Redevelopment: Adapted warehouse to residential lofts

Integrated Project Delivery in Adapted Reuse

Horgan’s expertise in Integrated Project Delivery lends seamlessly to the adapted reuse process. Marrying people, systems, and business processes optimizes project results, increases the value to the owner, reduces waste, and maximizes efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction. This level of coordination is not only imperative for retrofitting and reimagining an existing space but, when done well, maximizes cost and time efficiency.

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